About Crosier Kilgour

Who We Are

Crosier Kilgour is a consulting engineering firm of unique design, bringing a dynamic and fresh approach to engineering with one of the longest histories of any firm in Manitoba.

We’ve served the construction industry for decades, consistently delivering national-calibre expertise while acting as the primary structural engineering partner for Winnipeg’s architectural firms. We’re a leader in restoration, with many experienced specialists dedicated to improving deteriorated or heritage projects. We’re experts in applying building science principles, used to inform building envelope design work. And after a merger with Integrated Designs Inc. (IDI), Crosier Kilgour offers even more leadership, capability and expertise in commissioning and building performance analysis.

Our humble beginning came in 1954, and while a lot has changed, our company’s guiding principles hold firm.  We believe that forming lasting relationships is just as integral to our business as the durable structures we design. On the path to delivering enduring solutions, we work together to ensure smooth development through responsiveness, reliability, and professionalism, including on-site collaboration with our design and construction partners when issues arise. 

We’re a talented team that thrives on complex and demanding projects.

Through decades of growth in size and experience, Crosier Kilgour has contributed to truly iconic Winnipeg structures, leaving a notable mark on the city. Counted among our most recognized projects are Manitoba Hydro’s new downtown headquarters, the redevelopment of the Winnipeg James Armstrong Richardson International Airport, and the RBC Convention Centre. We’ve established ourselves as Manitoba’s leading structural engineering consulting firm with a reputation for elegant, cost-effective, and durable solutions.

Clients looking for a reliable and collaborative partner quickly find one in Crosier Kilgour. We have a deep appreciation for the solid relationships forged with clients, architects, and suppliers across the country. Good-natured and highly qualified, our team of professionals bring humour, imagination, and a sense of exuberance to the careful work we do. A company is only as good as its people – and our people are great.

With decades of experience and thousands of projects completed, there’s hardly any challenge we can’t tackle.

Company Experience

The first choice for complex projects

With eleven principals supported by a team of specialists, Crosier Kilgour solves complex challenges with market-leading, multi-disciplinary capability. With our expertise in structural engineering, building science and performance, and comprehensive assessments and investigation techniques, we’ve completed an average of approximately 1300 jobs per year over the past five years.

From multi-million dollar projects to important smaller-scale undertakings such as the new construction, or restoration and rehabilitation of institutional, commercial and residential facilities, Crosier Kilgour delivers on its proven, national reputation.

We tailor our services to suit the unique needs of our clients, from architects, project managers and government to industry and corporate partners, and private or individual owners, including:

  • Structural Engineering
  • Structural Restoration
  • Building Science
  • Building Commissioning
  • Building Performance Analysis

Specialists in High Performance Buildings

We apply theory and experience to support the architectural features of new and existing buildings with detailed design of systems and interfaces. Our in-house expertise, along with investments in continuous research, testing and computer modelling, has led to the design of conventional and non-conventional building envelope systems. The results are durable, cost-effective and lasting solutions.

Our merger with IDI has further enhanced our capabilities, providing opportunities to serve our clients in a more sustainable manner through an experienced LEED, Energy Modelling and Commissioning team. Coupled with experience and dedication to sustainability, the synergized benefits help create a more sustainable building industry.

More than ever, we are the first choice of clients seeking depth of experience and breadth of knowledge in a full range of professional services.