Building Commissioning

Bridging the Gap

As buildings get more energy-efficient and complex, they also become much more difficult to start up and manage. This is where commissioning comes in, optimizing building systems and the interactions between them.

Crosier Kilgour helps bridge the gap between planned and actual performance through an active and collaborative approach to commissioning that gets buildings running at peak efficiency while keeping occupants comfortable.

Following ASHRAE and Building Commissioning Association protocols, we work with owners, consultants, and contractors to achieve a smooth transition from design through construction into sustainable operation.

Our team is composed of experienced professionals that have dedicated their entire careers to the practice of building commissioning, and this absolute dedication sets us apart.

New Building Commissioning

We can apply our unique, established commissioning process to new buildings and have extensive knowledge of the requirements for various green building rating systems such as LEED or the Efficiency Manitoba New Buildings program.  Our collaborative approach to commissioning on new buildings has proven invaluable in effectively solving the inevitable issues that arise on today’s increasingly complex projects.  We don’t stop at identifying problems; we work with the team to find effective solutions.

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Building Envelope Commissioning

Building envelope commissioning focuses on the materials and assemblies comprising the building envelope. Crosier Kilgour’s process begins in the pre-design phase, progressing in parallel with the design development through construction to ensure that building envelope and associated systems and interfaces are systematically verified and tested in conformance with construction documents and in alignment with the Owner’s Project Requirements.

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Retro-commissioning is a systematic process that seeks to make operational improvements to existing buildings. We use a whole-building system approach to improve building performance while reducing emissions and energy use. Crosier Kilgour’s team applies our experience and knowledge to ensure your building is operating correctly and efficiently, saving you money on energy and maintenance costs. 

Our retro-commissioning service also includes energy audits, energy performance analysis, energy consulting services, and ongoing measurement & verification tasks.

With the coming focus on greenhouse gas reductions in our buildings, Crosier Kilgour has the knowledge and experience to provide guidance and cost-effective solutions on the path to achieving these goals.

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