Manitoba Hydro Place

Project Journey

Completed in 2009, this 22-storey, 695,000-square-foot concrete structure houses Manitoba Hydro’s head office in downtown Winnipeg. The building was conceived from the beginning to be landmark office tower for the city. Designed with sustainable principles, the project achieved a remarkable LEED Platinum certification in May of 2012 and has received many other prestigious awards. Unique aspects of the building include:

  • A geothermal field under the parking structure for heating and cooling capacity
  • Six-storey atriums that provide preheating of natural ventilation air
  • A 112-metre solar chimney that draws natural ventilation through the building using stack effect
  • Exposed concrete elements for thermal mass and radiant slab heating and cooling
  • Large spans to facilitate flexibility in space use
  • Large floor-to-floor dimensions for more natural day lighting

Crosier Kilgour was responsible for the implementation of LEED Best Practice and Fundamental Commissioning for the project and participated in the integrated design process, providing structural design services and structural contract documents to facilitate a fast-track approach to the construction of the building.

Project Details


Winnipeg, MB


Manitoba Hydro


KPMB Architects with Smith Carter Architects


Consulting Engineers of Manitoba Keystone Award

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Highrise Buildings
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