Structural Restoration

New Life for your Buildings

Every building needs restoration or repair at some point in its life. Regular inspections are critical to identifying these needs and keeping your structure in good working order.

Neglecting this can have you paying more in maintenance costs and reduce your building’s service life.

Crosier Kilgour provides engineering assessments and comprehensive investigations to improve safety, performance, and functionality in your building.

Crosier Kilgour has experience in the evaluation, assessment, and repair of the following structures:

  • Cast-in-place concrete
  • Precast concrete
  • Post-tensioned concrete
  • Conventional and historic masonry
  • Timber framing
  • Structural steel

Historical Restoration

Crosier Kilgour has developed a national practice in historical restoration, a field that demands a particular finesse and care. We use our expertise to remediate, repurpose, and optimize historical and heritage buildings, intervening only as much as necessary to maintain a buildings’ essential character while achieving your project’s goals.

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Masonry Restoration

Poor precipitation management can speed up the natural processes that wear masonry down over time. Crosier Kilgour has extensive experience investigating and restoring masonry buildings. We use our own investigation methodology and techniques to develop remediation options that get to the heart of the issue for your masonry building.

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Parkade Evaluation and Repair

Exposed to the elements,  parking structures are subject to a uniquely harsh environment due to moisture, and chlorides from road salts, as well as temperature changes. Crosier Kilgour assesses and develops cost-effective solutions that help extend service life, and keep your structure safe, functional, and durable. We have experience with all types of parking structures including cast-in-place concrete, precast concrete, and post-tensioned concrete.

Post-Tensioned Concrete

Post-tensioned construction became prominent in the 1960’s and was used in numerous Winnipeg structures. Unfortunately, early post-tensioned systems were prone to deterioration from exposure to moisture and chlorides from road salts resulting in the premature failure of individual tendons, and even complete structures. Since the 1980’s, Crosier Kilgour has amassed considerable experience with the unique techniques required to evaluate and repair of post-tensioned structures, completing numerous projects annually.

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Balcony Restoration

Crosier Kilgour understands the environmental factors playing on wooden and concrete balconies. We offer assessment, repair, and maintenance programs that increase durability and safety, keeping your building’s balconies as a curb appeal asset and extending their lifespan.

Structural Assessments

We offer structural assessments of existing structures for failure analyses, feasibility studies, heritage building upgrades and third-party structural reviews, among other purposes.

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Foundation Waterproofing

Building foundations contend with an environment altogether different from above-grade areas. Management of groundwater, heat, and moisture is critical for safety and the long-term durability of your structure. Crosier Kilgour’s expertise in foundation waterproofing allows us to design practical systems that work for your project no matter the age of the building.

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