Specialty Services

Beyond the Basics

In addition to our core services, Crosier Kilgour has developed specific areas of specialty practice to service our clients.

Insurance & Litigation

Crosier Kilgour investigates and assesses damage from events like fires, vehicle impacts, high winds, overloading, and material failures for clients in the insurance industry. Services include complete damage assessments and causation and preparation of repair recommendations and drawings based on engineering fundamentals.

The firm also provides testimony on structural engineering issues and construction industry standard compliance as expert witnesses for clients in the legal field. Our testimony is based on our extensive experience and knowledge of building codes and construction practices and materials.

Fall Arrest Design & Certification

Workplace Safety and Health regulations require that any worker at risk of falling must be adequately protected by means of fall protection specific to the type of work and hazards that are present. Crosier Kilgour understands the technical requirements for a compliant fall protection system, and offers services including:

  • Certification of existing systems
  • Certification of new systems on newly constructed buildings
  • Layout, structural design, and construction review services for new systems required for existing buildings

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Building Condition Assessments

Crosier Kilgour performs building condition assessments to review the state of existing structures for pre-purchase, capital planning, mortgage renewal, project planning, or maintenance purposes. We can not only assess the building structure but if requested, can also review your building envelope as well as assess your building’s energy consumption.

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Reserve Fund Studies

Crosier Kilgour has over 20 years of experience performing reserve fund studies. Condominium owners must by law establish and manage a reserve fund to pay for maintenance and repair on all major common elements of the property, and the amount must be set by a reserve fund study performed by professionals with updates required at least every five years.