Structural Engineering

Ensuring Strength and Functionality

Every building needs a solid structure. As Manitoba’s leading structural engineering firm and one of its longest-serving, Crosier Kilgour brings extensive experience and a collaborative approach to every project.

We know few problems have only one answer. On every project, Crosier Kilgour is careful to consider multiple solutions to issues that arise, presenting a selection of options that cater to differing priorities. This includes considering less common building materials like aluminum and glass.

In addition to the main building structure, we also design smaller building elements such as steel studs, curtain walls, shoring, and more.

We provide designs for the following building types:

  • Arts & Culture
  • Commercial
  • Health Care
  • Highrise
  • Industrial
  • Institutional
  • Libraries/Education
  • Multi-residential
  • Parking Structures
  • Sports & Recreation

Building Structural Design

Crosier Kilgour designs your building’s load-bearing elements, providing the framework that works with the architect’s vision.  We help you select the most suitable structural systems for your building’s use and lifespan, collaborate with contractors to make sure it’s buildable, and help see your project through construction to completion.

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Parkade Structure Design

Completely exposed to the elements, parking structures are subject to uniquely harsh conditions. Taking this into account from the very beginning, Crosier Kilgour uses its extensive experience to ensure soundness and durability throughout your parking structure’s design service life.

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Structural Curtain Wall & Glass Engineering

Crosier Kilgour works with major glazing contractors for the analysis and design of advanced aluminum and glass systems, including but not limited to curtain walls, skylights, and glass guardrails.

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Shoring Design & Detailing

Crosier Kilgour provides its services and expertise to building owners, and foundation and excavation contractors for provision of a variety of temporary excavation shoring systems, helping ensure a safe and stable working environment for workers on your project.

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Cold-Formed Steel Stud Design

Crosier Kilgour provides structural analysis, design, and detailed steel stud construction shop drawings to members of the steel stud-based wall and ceiling construction trade.

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